The Lab You Can Trust
With Results That Matter

Proudly serving the agricultural, industrial &
environmental industries since 1993.


Kuo Testing Laboratories

We serve the agricultural, industrial & environmental
industries' testing needs with a comprehensive range of
capabilities and services.

Soil Analysis

We offer a wide range of soil test
packages to suit your needs.


Feed & Plant
Tissue Analysis

Various packages available focusing on forage quality and nutrient management.


Kuo Testing Forte

High standards of quality control, years of practical experience, technical
expertise and state of the art equipment provide accurate results with
fast turn-around times. Detailed reports are usually available for
agricultural testing within 24 hours after sample receipt.

Courier Service

We offer free courier service for all customers
located in North Central Oregon and
Central Washington.


Water Analysis

We specialize in drinking water, irrigation
water, waste water, and industrial
water analysis.